Camp Nutley Commander Cap in Ann A. Troy Gallery of Nutley MuseumCamp Nutley

Battery A, 98th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion

"We Were Ready"
Soldiers camped in Nutley set to fend threat

Of Cold War foreign bombers

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Nutley site of Battery A, 98th Antiaircraft Gun Battalion, known locally as "Camp Nutley"

Plaque commemorating US Army Military Camp in Nutley, NJ, during the Cold WarFrom 1952 to 1957 the U.S. Army had anti-aircraft gun bases in our area to defend the George Washington Bridge from aerial attack (presumably from Russian bombers likely attacking from the north via the North Pole route) thus knocking out much of our trans-Hudson River transportation.

These bases were scattered on both sides of the Hudson River and locally were near Newark Airport, up in Belleville Park and right here in Nutley near the Passaic River where the current ball fields, tennis courts and hockey rink stand today. 

The Nutley base, site of Battery A of the 98th Antiaircraft Gun Battalion, known locally as "Camp Nutley", was some 11 miles from the bridge and its four 90mm guns could fire up to 22 projectiles/minute/gun, radar-guided and capable of being detonated near a target. 

Nutley and the Nutley Historical Society dedicated a plaque on the premises where the base stood (on Park Avenue across from Parks and Rec building, near the parking lot). 

A presentation by the commander was held at the Nutley Museum that same evening. The memorial is located south of the hockey rink, up a short rise.

U.S. Army Anti-Aircraft Battery Video

Debuts at Nutley Historical Society

April 19, 2017

Nutley Historical Society will present an encore discussion and new video produced by Retired Lt. Col. Walter Debany (son of former camp commander Michael Debany) detailing the History of US Army "Camp Nutley," officially known as Battery A of the 98th AAA Air Defense Battalion.

Camp Nutley, Battery A, 98th AAA Gun Battalion: I Was There

Documentary to feature forgotten Army base in N.J.

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Camp Nutley layout, supplied by former commander Michael W. DeBany

Help us to tell the full story of “Camp Nutley.”

US Army "Camp Nutley"

aka Battery A of the 98th AAA Air Defense Battalion

98th AA Air Defense Battalion @ Nutley Museum, Nutley NJDid you, or someone you know, serve in Nutley at Battery A of the 98th AAA Air Defense Battalion form 1952 to 1957?

The Nutley History Society is seeking former members and artifacts of this chunk of Nutley history in protecting the free world.

Share your story and preserve our history by sharing your tales of serving at the camp. Please call us at 973-667-1528 and leave your contact information.

The camp was located on the south side of Park Avenue near Route 21 where the ball fields, tennis courts and hockey rink stand today. Its four 90 MM radar controlled guns were assigned to defend the George Washington Bridge, just 11 miles away, from Soviet bomber attack.

AA shirt donated to the Nutley Museum by current Nutley resident and former Camp Clerk Thomas Mahon.

Visit the Nutley Museum and see our Camp Nutley exhibit.

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Documentary to feature forgotten Army base in N.J.

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